Sisters Savannah Trip

In just a few weeks, my sisters and I will be flying from our respective homes all across the country (literally), meeting up in Atlanta and driving to Savannah, GA for a sister’s weekend. This coincidentally lands on my 30th birthday (which my husband isn’t as happy about, but he’s excited for us).

I have three sisters and we RARELY all get to be in the same place at the same time. I am fortunate that I seldom go more than 6 months without seeing at least one of them, but it’s very typical that we go two years (every other Christmas) without all being in the same city. We are very close and never go a day without talking on our “sisters” group text. About a year ago, I presented them all with the idea to take a trip together, just the girls, no babies or husbands. My niece was just a year old at the time and I knew the two of us married sisters would be having kids in the nearish future, making timing and planning much more difficult, so we knew the right time to try for a sisters trip was soon. We all got on a 4-way call, opened Google and said, “where should we go?”. My two youngest sisters live in Portland, OR, my eldest sister lives in Boston, MA and I live here in Houston, TX, so we kinda had the whole map to explore. We started throwing out ideas; Florida, NYC, Colorado, Chicago, Santa Fe, Nashville, Savannah, and the list went on. We finally narrowed it down to a few that we all hadn’t been to and would all like to explore. I then went and researched flights from all of our respective home cities to the cities in question and found that our cheapest option was Savannah. We thought this would be such a fun girls weekend and timing worked great for it to be on my birthday weekend, March 5th.

In a few weeks, we’ll all be together for the first time since Christmas, 2015. WE CAN’T WAIT! When we are together, the noise-level and laughter is tuned way up.

Our nights in Savannah will be spent at this adorable little cottage, thanks to Airbnb. We’re super excited to have found it. It’s really walkable to everything and right in the main area of town, not to mention, it looks like this…


While we’re there, we plan to get mani/pedis, go shopping, explore the local farmers market, spend time at Tybee Island, have high tea, and explore some local favorites…

I think it will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I cannot wait!

2 thoughts on “Sisters Savannah Trip

  1. Thanks for the share. 🙂 I hope you ladies have a blast! That cottage you picked looks adorable and is in a great location where you’ll be able to walk to everything. We live in Savannah now, so just message us if you have any questions about your trip. Clary’s Cafe would be a great option for breakfast, and you may want to try the Crystal Beer Parlor for lunch or dinner (the Crystal Crab Stew is delicious). Old Savannah Tours is my fave trolley tour. They have a 2-day option where you can hop off and on the trolley at any time. That way you can further explore any of the stops if they interest you. 🙂
    erin |


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