Moving and setting up shop 

We’ve officially been in Temple about two weeks now, with a quick trip to Houston in the middle. When we got back from Europe, we had a couple of days before my mom, dad and sister, Bailey arrived to help us move. They were amazing! We could have done it without them, but it would have been harder, longer, and far less fun :). Seriously they were incredible and spoiled us with their constant productivity and help. 

We moved into our new rental, only 5 minutes from Joe’s hospital and right down the street from our new dear friends who have a baby due anyway now :). We’re so thankful to have such a huge house going from our tiny apt. in Houston. We have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, a washer and dryer, and my favorite feature, a yard :). Our neighborhood is beautiful with tons of trees and welcoming neighbors. We made a lot of adult purchases right off the bat, a washer and dryer, a lawn mower, new furniture, and a ton of odds and ends that a new home needs. We’ve so enjoyed setting up everything and I’ve especially taken to the yard work… call me crazy, but mowing the lawn is one of my favorite chores now. 

The weekend before last, we all trekked back to Houston to celebrate Joe and his becoming a doctor. Our dear friends, Paul and Rebekah graciously opened their home to host our party and our other dear friend, Ann opened her home for my family to stay with her. A huge thank you to them! Also, a massive thank you to all who came out and loved on us at the party. We were amazed by all the people who came. We were thankful to have both sides of our family there as well, it was such a great celebration. 

The next day we had our last Sunday worshiping with our Bering family. Sunday was full of pure love and so many tears. I cried harder than I have in a very long time and I am so full of love for my family there, thank you for calling us your own. We were blessed to be able to serve communion one more time and then we’re honored by a prayer over our new chapter. It was a day I will never forget. 

We then put my mom and dad on a plane and headed to our new home in Temple. We’re getting settled and are busy making friends, finding a church, and a job for me. Speaking of finding my job, I did! I recently accepted a job in the HR dept for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. I’m so excited to be working for a Christian university again and I have high hopes for my future there. I also got involved right away with a bible study with some good girl friends I know from ACU, it’s also been such a blessing and is helping me plug right into life here. Here are some of our house pictures 🙂

We’ve had these two-plus weeks to get settled and relax but Monday is back to real life, Joe begins his residency and I start my job. Please pray for that transition, our new jobs, and our search for a church family. Keep in touch!


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