Returning home 

Today we fly back to Houston. It’s bittersweet, we cherish our time here and the blessing it’s been, but we’re also anxious for this next chapter in Temple. 
21 days

2 countries

9 cities 

161.45 miles walked

Thousands and thousands of moments and memories with my sweet husband that I will cherish forever. 
Here are the highlights… 

Favorite city: Siena

Favorite day: cooking class in Florence, Gaiudi homes and Segrada Família is close second 

Favorite meal: J- lunch in Toledo: stew, stuffed peppers, K- Mexican in Barcelona: nachos and tacos with homemade tortillas  

Favorite moment: being on the top of the tower in Siena overlooking Tuscany 

Best gelato: lemon. No competition

Things we’ll be happy to return to

  • Free water 
  • American bathrooms (free) 
  • Not having a cover charge at every restaurant 
  • Tex-mex
  • A/C
  • Our own bed
  • Butter! 

Things we’ll miss 

  • Gelato 
  • No tipping 
  • Tapas 
  • Hillary and Jordan 
  • Relaxed culture 
  • Being disconnected from news and distractions
  • Adventure and amazement of seeing something new everyday

What a grand and amazing three weeks we’ve had! We’re so blessed! 


One thought on “Returning home 

  1. What a grand adventure and your last piece is the perfect summary! Your pics and details have been delightful and I thank you for sharing.


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