Basque Country, San Sebastián day 

What a wonderful city! Huge thanks to my friend Perry who told us this place existed! 😊. We’re happy to report that even despite the rain, wind, and cold, we still love, love, love San Sebastián! This is a beautiful place with lovely people. 

First off, no need to have a picture of our Airbnb, just a picture of what we see from it 😍, folks, this is pretty darn good! 😊

We started our day at a local “diner” with toast and hot chocolate. This truly is hot chocolate, melts goodness, none of that watered down stuff 😉

We then went to the aquarium. They have an awesome one here and it was a great thing to do to get out of the rainy cold. 

Our lunch was one of our favorite parts of this particula part of the journey. The Basque people are hugely into what’s called Pintxos (pin-chose): small snack typically eaten in bars in northern Spain. The idea is that you “pintxo hop” and have a drink and one two pintxos at each stop. We went to three places and had such great bites of food! I can’t even tell you how many crazy things I’ve tried that I didn’t think I would this trip. Just to name a few, whole, raw anchovies, crab mayo sauce, coke and red wine (yes, together), squid, at least 5 different ways, octopus, beef cheeks, salmon moose, clams, then there’s some stuff I ate that I honestly couldn’t even tell you what it was 😂 … none of these things are totally weird, but still not what I’m used to, pretty good most of the time. It was a really fun and local way to experience the city! 

After that, we discovered that you can walk around the entire coastline of the San Sebastián peninsula, so beautiful! Even in the rain ☔️😊. If fact, by the end of our walk, the rain cleared and we got some pretty decent weather 😊. 

Next we did some shopping, short beach time, and walking around. Such a clean and beautiful little city. 

We ended our day on a high note at dinner as usual 😊. Five course Basque meal of seafood, steak, nuts and cheese, and cider. 

All in all, fantastic place that we’d certainly return to and recommend highly! 

Miles today: 9.46 


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