Picasso and Palau de la Mùsica, Barcelona day 3 

Today we slept in, took the morning at a leasurly pace, ate at the apt. then walked to the Picasso museum. No pictures allowed unfortunately but some really amazing stuff, showing the variety and versatility of his work. 

Next, we stopped into a sandwich show for a quick lunch before heading to tour the Palau de la Mùsica. This is a concert hall that started over 100 years ago and it been a performance space for choirs, orchestras, musicians, and dancers, all types of music. Sadly the tour was crowded to say the least, 50 or more people just on our one tour, so that was unfortunate, but I did manage to get some pictures that will hopefully capture where we were. 

We then headed home by was of the Boqueria Market. So wonderful and lively with so much to eat, drink and see. We’ll be going back tomorrow, but got our first little taste of it today. 

Came back for a little siesta before going out for some Paella. 

Miles walked: 4.7


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