The Savannah Story

Take me back! My sisters and I have been in a group text today, “I miss you girls”, “can we go back?”, “ugh, I hate alarms”… back to reality after such a wonderful vacation! We had excellent weather, drank gallons of tea, walked everywhere (about 7-8 miles a day), ate amazing food, took a ton of pictures, and laughed a lot. We began what I hope will be a long tradition for the Evans sisters.

We all arrived at Atlanta International Airport on Thursday afternoon. We greeted each other at baggage claim, rented a car and drove the 3 1/2 hours to Savannah. We arrived a little after dark and easily found are adorable little cottage Airbnb. We unpacked and headed to the grocery store to buy food for breakfast. We make some tea and watched Sleepless in Seattle before hitting the hay after such a long day of travel.

On Friday, Abi made her yummy scones and more tea, and we enjoyed time talking around the breakfast table. We headed out to explore some of the 22 squares Savannah has. We headed to our nail apt. where we all got mani/pedis. We were starving and found our way to Clary’s Cafe… oh my word, go here! It is a traditional diner (over 100 years old) with friendly locals… It was so delicious!!! We then spent the afternoon walking around and exploring the downtown area, the squares, and cemeteries. So many cute local shops and fun things to experience. Being in Savannah is like being on the set of a movie; It’s clean, gorgeous and so quaint. some of the places we went were…

  • City Market– This is an area of town that always has little food carts, live music and many shops. It’s a bit touristy, but a fun little area.
  • The Book Lady Bookstore– what an adorable bookstore! This place was so fun to explore.
  • The Paris Market– This is an upscale home-ware and accessories shop. It’s all Paris themed (as you might have guessed ;)) and they have some really special pieces. They have some expensive stuff, but some inexpensive accessories and vases as well. Attached is a little cafe where we had some yummy macaroons!
  • The Savannah Candy Kitchen– you wouldn’t believe the treats they dreamed up and what they cover in chocolate. It’s a beautiful, old-timey store on River Street. You can watch them pull taffy, package it, and buy it right then. We came home with some good treats, my favorite being the caramels covered in dark chocolate with sea-salt sprinkles.
  • Savannah Cathedral– We didn’t go into the cathedral, but we stayed just a couple blocks from it, so we got to see it everyday. It’s beautiful!
  • River street– This is a fun street to walk along, explore shops and take in the beauty of the river.
  • Spice and Tea exchange– This spice shop is really nice, you can smell all the spices and buy them by weight. They have teas you can try and a very knowledgeable staff that’ll help you find the perfect gift for your chef husband ;).
  • The Brass Belle– This tiny little boutique is on one of the streets near our home and we walked passed it a few times before we went in. It’s owned by a former grad of SCAD and she’s so sweet. She makes you a mimosa to drink while you shop. Her and her husband rent out a big apartment, they live in one side and run her boutique out of the other. Abi found a cute dress and we’re glad we got to support her.
  • ShopSCAD– Just down the street from the Brass Belle is the shop for SCAD (Savannah College of Arts and Design). This shop is full of unique and wonderful pieces of jewelry, art, furniture, accessories, you name it! It’s all work from the students at the university and benefits them and the school.
  • Civvi’s Clothes– This thrift store is super fun and quirky, definitely a place to find some good pieces for costume parties. The store is geared toward 1950’s-90’s wear. I found a cool collar necklace for $12.
  • 24e– This furniture store is 3 floors of bliss! I, having a design degree was in heaven! They custom design and make their furniture. BEAUTIFUL stuff!
  • Savannah Bee Company– This place is so cute and yummy! They have a honey tasting bar where you can taste all the varieties then purchase your favorite.

That evening we walked to Crystal Beer Parlor for dinner… Another MUST go to. We waited about a half hour for a table then we sat an ate fish and chips, crab cakes, burgers and fries. It was delicious and another fun local joint. We wished we could’ve gone back for another meal and would have if we’d had time. We walked back to the house and had more tea 😉 and watched Must Love Dogs.

The next day, Saturday, we woke up, ate more scones, drank more tea (see a theme here ;)?) and headed to do some more exploring. We went to the farmer’s market at Forsyth Park. This is the biggest and most well-known park in Savannah. On our way, we explored Jones street, considered “the most beautiful street in America”. Once at the Forsyth, we walked around, took pictures, and shopped local for our dinner that night, bruschetta… yum! It was a beautiful morning. After that, we walked back to the house and picked up the car (only time we had to drive during our weekend in Savannah) and drove the 20 minutes to Tybee Island. We found this cute, rugged local pizza joint called Huc-A-Poos. Definitely a local joint, seat yourself out on the deck, take your time to enjoy a drink, play patio games and soak in the sun. It was good-ol’-fashioned greasy pizza. We really enjoyed it and all ate for $20! We explored the little local shops, bought some gifts and jumped back in the car to drive to the lighthouse and beach. We we hoping to explore the lighthouse, museum and gift shop, but when we arrived, the lady said that tickets were usually $7 per person, but the lighthouse was under construction, so we couldn’t go up it and the gift shop was being painted… haha, needless to say, we passed on the offer. We walked across the street and down the peer to stick our feet in the Atlantic. We spent some time on the beach then headed back to the mainland to get ready to head out for a little more exploring, shopping and ice cream. The can’t miss ice cream is Leopolds. If the line is always out the door, so you KNOW it’s good ;). We walked back to the house, got in our jammies, had some more tea and played Heads Up, FRIENDS addition and watched part of a movie. We stayed up WAY too late talking and my sisters sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me at the stroke of midnight.

On Sunday, my 30th birthday, we woke up, got all gussied up and headed to high Tea at the Gryphon. The Gryphon is run by SCAD as well and it’s a beautiful former Free Masons building that was a pharmacy. We had an awesome spread and 4 pots of tea to share. It was a wonderful way to kick off my 30th birthday. We went back to the house to change and headed to do a historic home tour at the Davenport House. On our way there, we walked right past Elle Fanning #starsighting. The tour was nice and it was fun to see inside a historic Savannah home. We walked around town some more and went to Happy Hour at Rocks on the Roof. Fantastic views of the river and city! We walked even more, did some light shopping and then at at a little seafood place on the river, not the best meal ever, maybe we should’ve gone back to Crystals ;). We headed back to our house, snacked a little, drank more tea, FaceTimed with family, and packed our bags. Before turning in, we watched It Happened One Night. It was such a fantastic birthday :)!

On Sunday, we woke up before the sun, packed up and drove back to Atlanta. We checked in at security, walked each other to our gates and said our goodbyes. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. I love my sisters and I’m grateful for their friendship and our joy in being together!

Saying goodbye at the airport

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